Course curriculum

    1. Intro To EMC

    2. Benefits Of Membership

    3. Cooperative Principles

    4. The Electric Cooperative Story

    5. EMC and Capital Credits

    6. Capital Credits - What Are They?

    7. EMC - Member Portal User Id and Password

    8. Tips To Avoid Energy Scams

    9. Lineworker Gear Through the Years

    10. 75th Anniversary

    1. Where Does My Power Come From

    2. Energy Supply and Demand

    3. Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

    4. The Electric Grid Connects Us All

    5. Transformers

    6. Vegetation Management

    7. Power Cost Adjustment Video

    8. What Causes Outages and Blinks?

    9. Why We Plan Outages

    1. EMC Solar - Overview

    2. Our Renewable Commitment

    3. Making Renewables Work

    4. CFEMC on Solar

    5. Community Solar - An Animated Guide

    6. Smart Choice Solar Video

    7. Home Solar Audit

    8. Four Considerations Before Installing Solar Panels

    9. Solar for Renters

    1. EMC EV Drive Free For A Year

    2. Are EVs Environmentally Friendly?

    3. Battery Storage of an EV

    4. Electric Vehicle Charging

    5. How Do You Charge An EV?

    6. How Far Can EVs Go On A Single Charge?

    7. Will You Save Money Driving an EV?

    1. EMC Home Audit

    2. Three Efficiency Questions To Ask Your Home Inspector

    3. How To Caulk Around Windows

    4. EMC Home Repair

    5. How To Weather Strip Exterior Door

    6. Air Source Heat Pumps

    7. Ground Source Heat Pump

    8. 5 Ways Renters Can Save Money On Their Electric Bill

    9. House Full of Energy Savings


    11. 3 Ways To Make Your Home Smarter

    12. Holiday Lighting

    1. The Silent Killer

    2. Electrical Hazards

    3. Downed Line Response

    4. Overhead Powerline Hazards

    5. Underground Electrical Hazards

    6. Solar Energy Safety

    7. Pole and Grass Fire Safety

    8. Electric Vehicle Safety

    9. Power Restoration Animation

    10. Call 811 Before You Dig

    11. Generator Safety - Animated

    12. How To Check Circuit Breakers

    13. Be Safe in Your Vehicle - Mary's Story

    14. Downed Lines - Be Safe In An Accident

    15. Winter Storm Preparedness Video

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Discover what makes Coweta-Fayette EMC the right choice for all your energy needs.

Discover all your EMC has to offer!

EMC's are built for and, by our members. Inside Energy U, you'll learn about our power mix, renewables, and important safety information. You'll learn we take our core principles seriously and our commitment to community is priority one. Our goal, today and in the future, is to provide you with reliable energy at an affordable price.